Crispy Kropek Raw (Single, Small, Medium or Large)


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There’s no better snack to munch on than our Crispy Kropek!

Munch your way throughout the day with this crunchy treat you won’t be able to get enough of.

  • Eight (8) individual servings per 0.8 kilos, Raw and Ready To Fry.
  • Six (6) individual servings per 0.6 kilos, Raw and Ready To Fry.
  • Four (4) individual servings per 0.4 kilos, Raw and Ready To Fry.
  • One (1) individual serving per 100 grams, Raw and Ready To Fry.
1 pack of MAMA V DELICIOUS Kropek (Raw)
1 large wok or deep cooking pan.
3 cups of vegetable oil or any oil that has a high smoke point (ex. peanut oil, coconut oil).
1 spider strainer or any strainer available.
Few pieces paper towel.

1/8 cup vinegar.

1. Heat oil in wok or deep cooking pan to medium to high heat.
2. When oil is smoking and very hot, place just a few pieces of Kropek to avoid crowding the pan.
3. Once Kropek expands, immediately remove from oil to avoid over cooking or burning. Then place cooked Kropek on paper towels to remove excess oil.

4. Serve with vinegar.

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Small, Medium, Large, Single


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