Angus Beef Tapa (10 packs Frozen)



Enjoy a delicious serving of a classic breakfast, any time of the day with our Angus Beef Tapa!

Made fresh and oozing with savory flavor, it comes in 3 variants (Salty, Sweet, and Spicy) to make sure your cravings are met and fully satisfied.

  • Approximately 1 kilo per box (10 individual packs). Frozen and Ready To Fry.


1 Pack MAMA V Delicious Angus Beef Tapa.

1 pinch margarine, butter or olive oil (any oil of your preference).

1 small to medium-sized cooking pan.


1. Heat pan to medium heat and add cooking oil above.

2. Once oil is heated, add leftover Angus Beef Tapa.

3. Fry for just 1-2 minutes and serve.


1. Heat pan to low heat and add cooking oil above.

2. Once oil is heated, add 1 pack Angus Beef Tapa.

3. Change heat from low to medium.

4. Fry for 5 minutes or until meat is evenly browned.

5. For crispier tapa, fry for 7 minutes or until edges of the meat are lightly charred, but not burned.

6. Take meat out of the pan and serve with a side of white or fried rice,eggs and vinegar.


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