After 17 years in the United States, I decided to come back home to Manila in 2004. I opened a restaurant called Mama V Restaurant on the Ground Floor of Providence Tower, 2471 Leon Guinto Street, corner Estrada, Malate, Manila with my mother – Lucita Campos Vitas, better known as Mama V. She is my Mother, first and foremost, my best friend, my idol, my inspiration and my rock and above all an amazing chef. She has been an inspiration, not only inside but also outside the Kitchen my entire life. I wouldn’t be who I am today and wouldn’t be where I am in my life without her constant example, strength, support, laughter and inspiration. To say that I adore this woman is an understatement. But running a business with one’s Mother can also be challenging because the old and new will intersect. The magic happens when we constantly nudge each other to make our food, our service and our company better. Our clients deserve nothing less than the best! And sometimes, Mama V knows best! Sometimes, Tina V knows best!


This restaurant with her home-cooking was my first venture into entrepreneurship after a fulfilling corporate career in the USA. I left after high school and studied, worked and lived in Boston, Los Angeles and New York for 17 years from 1986 to 2003. My Mom, meanwhile, has been a lifelong entrepreneur. She was one of the top exporters of Philippine handicrafts and costume jewelry, making Puka shells from the Philippines famous the world over. With two dragon ladies (Mother & Daughter) vying for the boss position, you can imagine it wasn’t easy. I was as a tough as nails New Yorker who wouldn’t budge at that stage in my life. My Mother was already a phenomenally accomplished businesswoman. I left the business after a few years to go on my own professionally – employment & business adventures in Manila – which were in the areas of fashion, scents, prepared foods (sauces), food distribution, education, wellness and e-commerce. The last few years, she has been giving family & friends her rich & delicious Bacon Carbonara as gifts. Both adults and children kept raving about how good it was each and every time, without fail.


One night a few months ago, while my Mom, my late brother Anthony & my cousin Paulo Reyes and I were hanging out at Mama V Restaurant, Paulo was sharing how he managed to finish half a box of Bacon Carbonara in one sitting (half a kilo of pasta). A lightbulb went off inside my head. Why not bring the party tray-family style Mama V food to people’s homes, offices, events & special occasions? Being in a one-location restaurant in a school district (St. Scho, College of St. Benilde & De La Salle University) limits your audience, especially with the traffic in Manila. Mama V Delicious – Delicious Meals was born that evening.

Delicious At Your Doorstep from a woman who has been cooking since she was 18 and who just turned 80 in January 2020. 62 years of love and passion for both cooking and feeding people, now at your fingertips. If you could only her laughter and her jokes that come with her joy for cooking, you would have the complete experience!


We have cooked food that’s ready to eat, like Bacon Carbonara, Garlic Sotanghon, Pinoy Bolognese, Chicken & Pork Barbecue and White Fish With Calamansi Butter. We also have frozen food, ready for frying, like Daing Na Bangus, Angus Beef Tapa in 3 variants and Chicharon Bulaklak. The frozen food is packed per individual serving inside the box. We have Assorted Cooked Food you can quickly reheat at home, in Beef, Chicken & Pork (9 different variants). We have Crispy Kropek that’s ready for frying and served with our Sassy Suka (Spiced Vinegar) that’s launching in the 2nd quarter of 2020. We are also adding Drinks (Gulaman & Sago) and Sweet Endings to our Menu around this time, as well.


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